March 9, 2018

Angel Record

Every being in the Realm of the Earth have had at least 7 incarnations in their ANGEL RECORD, all past, present and future.  These 7 incarnations show our path through the realm of the Earth and our Karmic Intent.

Flying among us are also the Angelic Beings of the 7th Heaven along with the 7 Archangels of Earth. While mostly in spirit, these Higher Beings incarnate from time to time, with purpose and intention.

The Archangels also have an ANGEL RECORD with 7 Karmic incarnations just like everyone else! But, they also have a second ANGEL RECORD with 18 incarnations of Purpose.

Developed by author, Mark Kalita, the significance of these ANGEL RECORDS is staggering. Mark has been able to tap into the Akashic Records and chart the incarnations of beings that have, and are, travelling through this realm of the Earth.

Through these studies, Mark Kalita has learned that even the Archangels incarnate upon the Earth with a Divine purpose. Not only has Mark been able to tie these incarnations to important dates in our history, but the dates in the ANGEL RECORDS also verify some of these dates.

It is with these ANGEL RECORDS that we study the ‘Angelologies’ of all Angels and Archangels of this realm.

And, YOU are included! You also have an ANGEL RECORD as you are an Angel!

We are all ANGELS of the ONE!

Discover the 7 Karmic incarnations in your ANGEL RECORD Today!