March 27, 2018


This is the study of Angels within the realm of the Earth. These ‘Angelologies’ are developed through a number of sources.

The first being ancient writings of all major religions and societal traditions. We have looked back into much of these ancient texts to find the legends of Angels throughout time.

The second being the ANGEL RECORD of each Angel. Developed by author, Mark Kalita, the significance of these ANGEL RECORDS is staggering. Mark has been able to tap into the Akashic Records and chart the incarnations of beings that have, and are, travelling through this realm of the Earth.

Through these studies, Mark Kalita has learned that even the Archangels incarnate upon the Earth with a Divine purpose. Not only has Mark been able to tie these incarnations to important dates in our history, but the dates in the ANGEL RECORDS also verify some of these dates.


Seven Archangels

These are the Seven Archangels within the Realm of the Earth. We are in the midst of learning the lesson of ‘Good and Evil’. These Seven Archangels carry out the will of God, helping us understand this very important lesson. It is through a greater PURPOSE that these Angelic Beings interact with the Children of the Earth. Their Spiritual beings reside in the Seventh Heaven, closest of all to the Creator.

Archangel Mika’EL

Archangel Gabri’EL

Archangel Sama’EL

Archangel Rapha’EL

Archangel Razi’EL

Archangel Uri’EL

Archangel Metatron


Angels of the Seventh Heaven

These are the Angels of the Seventh Heaven who enter our realm, like the Archangels, with Purpose.


Angels of the Lower Heavens

These are Angels of the 3rd and 5th Heavens. These Angels are still learning and travelling the Path of Being towards the Great Unity.

Those from the 3rd Heaven, that of the Earth, are learning the lessons of Self and Other-Self in this great lesson of ‘Good and Evil’.

Those from the 5th descend from that of the Light or the Darkness. They are willing participants in pushing forward their particular goals of ‘Good’ or ‘Evil’.